Many years of experience and a worldwide database of translators with whom we work, make us experts in the implementation of express translations.

Translations, proofreading & transcription of audio/video recordings

Our team of translators is available to you 24/7, including Bank holidays. We offer quality without compromise in the field of translations from / into over 35 world languages, technical and legal translations as well as translations of video and audio recordings.

Our team includes experts from various professional fields; translators, interpreters, proofreaders and designers. For each project which we work on, there is a special team of translators assigned, by the expertise and qualification. Besides basic translations, we can also provide reliable express translations, also during the night, thanks to our team of translators.

Official translations

Official translations (or sworn translations, translations with a round stamp of the translator) are most commonly required in contact with various government agencies and organizations. Translations must be made by an official translator who is to carry out the activities authorized by the Ministry of Justice by Law no. 382/2004 on Experts, Interpreters and Translators and on amendments to certain laws, as amended, and is registered in the list of Experts, Interpreters and Translators kept by the Ministry of Justice.

When an official translation is required, an original document or a notarized copy is needed. In case of your high workload, our company PERCIPIUM - Translation, Interpretation, Superlegalisation Ltd., offers you a personal pick-up and subsequent delivery of the documents within Bratislava, to your specified address. There is a possibility of using courier and postal services for the whole of Slovakia .We provide certified translations in all world languages.

In the case of a no-obligation price quote, please do not hesitate to contact us here.

The most common officially translated documents include:
  • Birth certificates, Marriage certificates, School certificates, Diplomas
  • Extracts from Business Register, Contracts, Extracts from Criminal Records
  • Medical, audit and police reports


Albanian Arabic Armenian Belarusian Bosnian Bulgarian Chinese Czech Danish Estonian Finnish French Georgian Greek Hebrew Dutch Croatian Japanese Korean Latin Lithuanian Latvian Macedonian Moldovan Norwegian Polish Portuguese Romanian Russian Serbian Slovenian Spanish Swedish Turkish Ukrainian Vietnamese


Proofreading includes a basic review of the text by a native speaker. This service is intended mainly to correct common spelling, grammatical and typographical errors, typos and minor drafting errors. In a linguistic way, text translation will seem natural, as if it was original.

DTP (Desktop Publishing)

Percipium offers a full range of services related to the translation of your documents and materials. Our service portfolio includes DTP, which stands for the whole process of processing designs. Our team of professional graphic designers will make sure that the delivered material for translation will be in the same graphic design as the original document.

Our team of graphic designers have a powerful hardware and most DTP applications - PhotoShop,FrameMaker, InDesign, PowerPoint, Visio, Acrobat, CorelDraw, Illustrator, QuarkXpress and others.


Our company Percipium is available to you in interpreting into all world languages; we are able to provide you with simultaneous, consecutive and court interpretation, as well as interpreting over the phone.

If you need a professional interpreter for your event, please contact us. Our interpreters are true professionals who have experience in diplomatic protocol and fully understand the business ethics.

Apostille & Superlegalisation

Public Records

(Documents on which is the seal of the Slovak body / authority or an official person and the signature of the official person) issued by the Slovak authorities require for its use a legalisation (authentication) - a certificate by the so-called Apostille or consular superlegalisation, in front of the authorities of a foreign country or in front of the authorities from abroad.


It is the higher degree of verification in respect of the states, which are the contracting party of the Convention concerning the Abolition of the requirement of legalization of Foreign Public Documents.


it is valid for documents as a verification used in countries, where Slovak Republic doesn´t have exemption from legalisation through bilateral international agreement and also in countries, which are not the members of mentioned agreement above.


English Courses

"Why is "it" so difficult?" Because...

Every man is a master of a different craft and what we are not good at or simply what we do not like, hardly motivates us. There are several factors that tie our hands, or in this case a tongue, which prevent us to find our way to unfamiliar - foreign language, which however does not need to remain foreign forever.


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