A few introductory words - the study of a foreign language...

"Why is it so difficult?"


Every man is a master of a different craft and what we are not good at or simply what we do not like, hardly motivates us. There are several factors that tie our hands, or in this case a tongue, which prevent us to find our way to unfamiliar - foreign language, which however does not need to remain foreign forever.

Years spent in classrooms, living rooms, offices and meeting rooms helped us to realize that lack of motivation, lack of confidence in ourselves, fumbling in the forest of grammar, too much emphasis on flawless communication (the errors will undoubtedly teach us the best), or fear of communication as such, are the most common culprits.

But please, do not worry. We believe that a small piece of your will in connection with our determination to teach you to understand a foreign in natural way, will help you get to the stage where you will say:

"It's actually very simple."